Travertine is a natural stone that is part of the limestone family. It is usually light colored, occurs in a range of neutral colors that extend to shades of red and brown, depending on the minerals that surround it while it is forming. It is well regarded for its beauty and durability in the home, and offers a number of practical advantages for use as a countertop.

One of the biggest benefits of travertine countertops is their sheer aesthetic beauty. Because of its versatility and the range of shades it is available in, travertine is favored in both modern and traditional décors. Another advantage to travertine is that travertine compliments other hard substances like glass and tile, and creates a beautiful contrast with softer materials and woods. Another pro is that travertine reflects light. An additional benefit of installing travertine countertops in your home is the durability of the material. Being natural stone, travertine will last for many years. One of the biggest advantages of travertine is the variety of shades, finishes and textures, providing the opportunity to compliment almost any décor.